About Us

From a humble beginning in 1992, Hoon Lir has become one of the market leaders in paper board packaging in Malaysia. The cakes and pastries bought from bakeries, or even a box of chocolate and candy from supermarkets and grocery, the packaging you're holding may have come from this factory located in Ipoh, Perak here.

Taking root from a small shop at a town called Bercham, Ipoh, we have grown and consolidate our operation in our newly built factory in Year 2013, providing readymade and custom made paper board packaging. This is in line with our business growth locally and expanding towards country in Singapore, Australia and Brunei.

From a variety of readymade boxes inclusive cake boxes from bakeries and cake-houses, giving away gifts in celebration boxes during your first child full-moon celebration and towards the festival season of mid-autumn when presenting mooncakes to your close one, with the very packaging of festival boxes made from Hoon Lir.

We also provide custom made product, with our dedicated designers providing an insight of artwork and samples during pre-press process, while during press process, the very first printing appear on our table. The subsequent post-press process will give the final touch, but a variation of optional finishing type including embossing, hot stamping, varnishing, lamination and window patching.

Our missions are to develop innovative and reliable products in meeting market utmost demand to ensure products and service that lead to customers’ satisfaction.