• Folding Cakebox (Printed)

    › Full colors printed exterior with grey interior

    › Coated white interior for 650gsm and above

    › One piece foldable x-shape

    › Card Box Board (CBB) with grey back

    › 100% environmentally friendly & recyclable materials

  • Product Specifications & Sizes

    Product Code Size (inch) Material / GSM Color Pieces per Pack
    CAP0443B 4"x4"x3" CBB, 300gsm CMYK 300pcs
    CAP0463B 4"x6"x3" CBB, 300gsm CMYK 300pcs
    CAP0663B 6"x6"x3" CBB, 300gsm CMYK 200pcs
    CAP0773B 7"x7"x3" CBB, 350gsm CMYK 200pcs
    CAP0884B 8"x8"x4" CBB, 350gsm CMYK 100pcs
    CAP0994B 9"x9"x4" CBB, 350gsm CMYK 100pcs
    CAP1045B 10.5"x10.5"x4.5" CBB, 400gsm CMYK 100pcs
    CAP1111B 11"x11"x5" CBB, 450gsm CMYK 50pcs
    CAP1212B 12"x12"x5" CBB, 450gsm CMYK 50pcs
    CAP1313B 13"x13"x5" CBB, 450gsm CMYK 50pcs
    CAP1318B 13"x18"x5" CBB, 450gsm CMYK 50pcs
    CAP1414B 14"x14"x5" CBB, 450gsm CMYK 50pcs
    CAP1422B 14"x22"x5" CBB, 700gsm CMYK 25pcs
    CAP1519B 15"x19"x5" CBB, 650gsm CMYK 25pcs
    CAP1616B 16"x16"x5" CBB, 650gsm CMYK 25pcs
    CAP1818B 18"x18"x5" CBB, 700gsm CMYK 25pcs
    CAP2020B 20"x20"x5" CBB, 700gsm CMYK 25pcs